Select Program Leadership and Service


Nebraska Writing Project (NeWP)

Nebraska’s chapter of the National Writing Project, NeWP also believes that “The Best Teachers of Writing are Writers Themselves.”  Guided by this principle, NeWP encourages K-College writing collaborations dedicated to personal and professional development both as writers and as teachers of writing.  As Co-Director for NeWP, I have had opportunities to facilitate advanced institutes, writing retreats and other events, and be involved in both the C3WP project and the Husker Writer’s Program.  As part of my role as Co-Director, I have also overseen a rich, blossoming collaborative relationship between NeWP and the National Parks system (including Homestead National Monument and Agate Fossil Beds National Monument) which has provided literacy learning opportunities for teachers, students, and community members alike.

Writing Lincoln Initiative (WLI)

Started by Graduate Students on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus, WLI seeks unique collaborations with community partners for literacy learning, like the Clyde Malone Center and Lincoln’s Indian Center.  As Co-Director for WLI, I help create and develop collaborations with community partners, prepare undergraduates for community literacy outreach, and offer administrative support.

Peoples City Mission College Ready Course

As part of my work with Southeast Community College’s Writing Center, I created a community outreach program designed to collaborate with residents of Peoples City Mission (a homeless shelter and homeless prevention program) to begin their college careers.  This took the form of a non-credit class and a mentorship program that explored institutional literacy.


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